TradNL is a small, curated collection of traditional music organized in an online, searchable database. My focus is on Newfoundland and Irish tunes that are played at local sessions.

Have a tune you'd like to add to the database? Send me a transcription. If you could make a YouTube video to go along with your transcription, that would be even better!

If you have feedback on how to improve this site and make it more useful for learning and playing, I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me at or you can find me most Sundays playing at the afternoon session at O'Reilly's pub in downtown St. John's.

Tunes in this collection will always be free - each page provides options to download the ABC notation or print (to a pdf, if you prefer) any tune or set in the database.

--- Allan


A little re-branding for the new year! The site is now called TradNL to better reflect it's emphasis on local traditional music.
After hours of debugging over Christmas, MIDI playback should now work on recent iPhones and iPads. If it doesn't I'd appreciate hearing from you!
Added a transcription and video for Mrs. Belle's Single #12
Added a transcription and video for Mrs. Belle's Single #10
Added a transcription and a video for Mrs. Belle's Single #8.